Cylinder Block Handling- 250 Kg

The automotive engine block market is expected to grow significantly as vehicle demand in developing countries is continuously  increasing. The global engine blocks market is fiercely competitive, with both existing and new players vying for market share. Demand for engine blocks is expected to increase in the coming years as vehicles are required to meet increasingly stringent emission standards.

So, to be in the top of the competition, Jaycee’s Manipulator is there to help you boost your production within the smallest possible time.

Let’s first see the challenges that are mainly faced by the Cylinder Block manufacturers.


  • Difficulty in loading and unloading of heavy cylinder block.
  • Restricted and limited movement with traditional and inefficient handling equipment
  • Safety concerns - chances of accidents and injuries
  • Repetitive manual handling of cylinder blocks/heads affects on workers’ health and efficiency.
Overhead Industrial Manipulator

Here’s the set of solutions provided by the Jaycee to overcome the above challenges. The solutions are mainly focused on reducing the operators fatigue and enhancing the safety which ultimately resulted in increased productivity.


  • Overhead Industrial Manipulator to easily lift and carry a cylinder block of 250 Kg.
  • Customized gripper with attachment of two forks for safe loading and tilting (900 rotation) operation of cylinder block.
  • Pneumatically controlled system for an effortless handling.
  • Smooth and effective loading/ unloading operation by maintaining the ergonomic body posture.
Cylinder Block Handling


  • Single operator can perform the overall loading and unloading operation.
  • Operators’ Efforts have been reduced to a large extent.
  • Handling time has been decreased.
  • There has been an improvement in overall production.


We are actively working on improving the ways for making each industry a better workplace to work. We are continuously involved in helping the industries to reduce the risks of manual material handling by providing them a better solution for effortless material handling!!

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