Overhead Industrial manipulator for hot metal handling

Indian foundry industries are facing many challenges, and still, India is the third-largest producer of castings globally. The labors working in foundries are at a high risk of getting injured due to large use of conventional methods. It is not easy to handle the hot metal at extremely high temperature. But we know how to tackle it with safety and efficiency.

Let’s see the challenges that are mainly faced by the foundry industries

 Challenges :

  • Difficulty in handling heavy containers loaded with hot molten metal.
  • Restricted and limited movement with traditional and inefficient handling equipment
  • Safety concerns - chances of accidents and injuries
  • Repetitive manual handling of heavy foundry buckets and containers.

Here’s the set of solutions provided by the Jaycee to overcome the above challenges and problems. The solutions are mainly focused on reducing the operators' fatigue and enhancing the safety which ultimately resulted in increased productivity.

Solutions :

  • Overhead Industrial Manipulator to easily lift and carry hot metal up to 100 Kg.
  • Allowed total 270-degree rotation with X-Y axis movement with overhead rails.
  • Pneumatically controlled system for easy and smooth handling.
  • Customized Foundry Bucket Mechanism for safe and precise pouring operation
    by maintaining the ergonomic body posture.
Industrial Manipulator for Sand casting Process
Features of Overhead Industrial Manipulator


  • Handling time per 50 moulds has been decreased from 70 minutes to 37 minutes.
  • No. of operators have been reduced from 3 to 1 for pouring operation.
  • Cooling period has been undoubtedly mitigated.
  • There has been an improvement in overall production.
  • Travelling time has been reduced from melting area to metal pouring station.


We are continuously involved in helping the industries to reduce the risks of manual material handling by providing them a better solution for effortless material handling!!

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